WATCH: Viral Video of Grandmother’s Reaction to Getting WWE tickets for her 70th Birthday

We’ve seen a lot of viral videos of kids’ reaction to receiving Disney tickets from their parents, well this is a first, at least that I’ve seen. For her 70th birthday a grandmother was given WWE tickets and her granddaughter recorded her reaction posted it on twitter it for the world, and of course WWE employees to see. Her reaction, priceless!

Peep her reaction

[AUDIO] Mean Jean Interviews Tinashe

Tinashe is riding a wave of success right now, with her banging singles “2 On” “All Hands on Deck” and now “Player” (ft. Chris Brown). Add to that being a part of the Janet Jackson, who she calls and idol, tribute at the BET Awards and being featured in the first edition of the “new” Playboy. All that and a new album, Joyride, on the way, tonight I was able to talk to her about all of that and MORE!

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New Music: Ariana Grande “Focus” ft. Jamie Foxx….. Kind of

The last time we saw Ariana Grande she seemed to be drunk, making out with her backup dancer, licking doughnuts at a doughnut shop and saying that she “hated America” because of the fatty foods that are available to us. Well, now she’s back to doing what she does best, singing, with her new single “Focus” which features Jamie Foxx (kind of) I’ll explain later.

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D.R.A.M. Feels Like He Got “Jacked for his Record” by Drake

I told you yesterday that Drake was on his way to his first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Hotline Bling,” well the song has drawn a lot of comparisons to D.R.A.M.’s summer song “Cha Cha” which Drizzy even called a “quasi-cover” when he released “Hotline Bling.”  Well it seems like performing in Drake’s hometown of Toronto had D.R.A.M. feeling some type of way. So naturally he took to Twitter to voice it.

See what he had to say

New Music Video: Drake “Hotline Bling”

“Hotline Bling” is the #2 song on Billboard’s Hot 100, and will probably hit #1 within the next couple weeks with his protege The Weekend‘s The Hills slipping on the chart. Surprisingly would be Drake‘s first #1 single, I say surprisingly because Drake has had such success on the charts. Well, while sitting at #2 on the chart is the perfect time to drop the video and get that extra push to the top!

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Rita Ora Wants to Remake “Lady Marmalade” with Charlie XCX. Miley Cyrus & Iggy Azalea

“Lady Marmalade” was a global SMASH not once but twice, with both versions killing the charts all over the globe. The original version was released in 1974 by Labelle, a group fronted by the legendary Patti LaBelle, and was inducted in the GRAMMY Hall of Fame in 2003 and the remake in 2001 featuring Christina Aguliera, Pink, Mya, Lil Kim, produced by Missy Elliott also won a GRAMMY for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

Well if Rita Ora has her way the song will make ANOTHER comeback soon.

Someone has already backed out

The Weeknd Performs “The Hills” “Can’t Feel My Face” on ‘SNL’

The Weeknd is literally on fire right now, finally getting commercial success to catch up to the critical acclaim that he’s been getting over the years, with “Earned It” “Can’t Feel My Face” and “The Hills” all making huge noise on the charts. Well tonight he was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live (SNL), performing two of his smash singles and even brought Nicki Minaj out to perform with him.

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The Weeknd Drops “The Hills” Remixes ft. Eminem, Nicki Minaj

The Weeknd‘s last three singles have been top five Billboard smashes with “Can’t Feel My Face” and “The Hills” hitting number one on the Hot 100, while “Earned It” peaked at number five. I guess you can say he’s the hottest artist in music right now, “The Hills” is the current number one song in the country, and if he has it his way it’ll get an extra push and stay there after he dropped two remixes tonight; one featuring Nicki Minaj and the other features the legendary Eminem.

Peep the remixes

Nickelodeon Classics ‘Doug,’ ‘Rugrats’ To Stream On Hulu

80s and 90s babies rejoice! Hulu announced today that they’ve expanded their deal with Viacom and will start streaming two of Nickelodeon’s classic cartoons, including the greatest cartoon of all time….. OF ALL TIME, Doug, on their service!

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Mean Jean’s BOLD 2016 GRAMMY Predictions

We’re a little over four months away from “music’s biggest night.” The show is on the move from Sunday to Monday, February 15, 2016 and it will be interesting to see how the change impacts viewership.

Every summer I lay out some BOLD predictions on the show based on how things have gone musically thus far. Last year, I did really well after getting four out of five right, but one was conditional. Let’s see how I do for 2016. Warning: one pick will shock you, but it WILL happen.

Check out my predictions

[AUDIO] Mean Jean Interviews Nelly

It’s not everyday that you get to speak to a legend, but that’s exactly what happened tonight! Nelly‘s got a new track, “The Fix,” is heating up the charts (and yes the “Sexual Healing” sample was cleared) I was able to get a couple minutes on the phone with him tonight!

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[AUDIO] Mean Jean Interviews ‘Empire’s’ Jussie Smolett

The second season of FOX’s smash TV show Empire is literally less than a half hour away! Before the premiere I was able to get one of the stars of the show, Jussie Smollett on the phone to talk about what to expect and he set some BIG expectations.

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[AUDIO] Mean Jean Interviews SoMo

SoMo is an artist on the he’s on another national tour, planning for an overseas tour and a rabid fan base. I was able to get him on the phones to talk about his new mix tape, My Life II, his tour his fans and what his fans want to know more than anything else. His relationship status, (SPOILER ALERT: it’s complicated).

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