Darnell Dockett Tweets his Phone Number to AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend, McCarron Firmly Checks Him

Among the many that drooled over AJ McCarron’s girlfriend last night was Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett. Not only did Dockett express his feelings towards Katherine Webb, but he also managed to tweet his phone number to her.

Dockett, along with everyone else on Twitter it seems, would not talk to Webb without first hearing from McCarron himself. Among those that heard from McCarron, Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray. He tweeted, “Aj McCarrons girlfriend needs to become a Dawg fan #dawgsontop,” which prompted McCarron to tell him that he “didn’t win enough bud.” Then, perhaps, the best one of them all:


That’s pretty funny if you ask me; a college football player telling a professional football player — who might be able to pull any girl he wants because he’s in the league — to back off of his 23-year-old girlfriend.

Dockett claims he meant to send that tweet as a private message, which obviously didn’t work out for him. Also the idea of taking a girl to a strip club and a wing place probably wouldn’t work on Webb too much, just my guess though.

Dockett, as we have found out previously, will tweet any thought that pops into his head, including one that showed him standing next to a four-foot-tall gun that “T.I. couldn’t even get.”

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