VIDEO: Tom Brady gets Blocked by Referee, Kicks Ed Reed During Slide

Tom Brady certainly had an interesting couple of plays during the Ravens-Patriots AFC Championship Game: getting blocked by a referee on one play and kicking Ed Reed during a quarterback slide on another play.

During the first interesting play, Brady kept the ball and ran for a couple yards and ran right into the back of a referee. It looks as though Brady avoided cutting to the right to avoid getting hit by Ray Lewis, so he instead ran into the referee.

On the second play, Brady also ran the ball (not into the ref) and decided to slide, instead of getting hit by Ed Reed, but instead of a normal slide, Brady kicked Reed as he slid.


A lot of people are complaining that had Ndamukong Suh made that same kick, he’d be fined and/or suspended. It’s unclear whether or not Brady will be fined by the kick, but it’s definitely something that should be reviewed.

As of posting time, Brady was 19-33 for 194 yards with a touchdown pass.

Like I said above, the NFL definitely needs to take a look at Brady’s slide and determine whether or not discipline should be handed down. It definitely looks to me that Brady was trying to kick Reed in some way, because when have you ever slid like that? Brady should really be lucky he didn’t injure Reed or even himself.

Update #1 Tuesday 12:36 p.m.

Ed Werder of ESPN is reporting that league officials will review this kick/slide.

Update #2 Wednesday 11:51 p.m.

Via Yahoo! Sports, is reporting that the league has fined Brady $10,000 for kicking Reed during the slide.

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