VIDEO: Washington Wizards Announcers Calls an Airball Shot the “Dagger” in Loss to Pistons

In a call that should be one of the worst of the year, Washington Wizards play-by-play announcer, Steve Buckhantz, called the last shot of the Pistons-Wizards game the “dagger,” but that “dagger” ended up falling about a foot short of the basket.

Trevor Ariza caught the ball on a deflection, took the shot from the corner, and air-balled it despite Buckhantz calling it the dagger. In Buckhantz’s defense, which he would mention several times, the ball did hit the bottom of the net, it just wasn’t inside of the hoop. Even after the shot “went it,” Buckhantz summed up the play as a “miraculous comeback.”

What’s funny is that after the shot wasn’t counted, Buckhantz made the officials sound like they were crazy because the shot wasn’t counted. Well, bro, the ball needs to go through the basket first in order for that to happen.

Last week it was a Raptors TV announcer that called rapper Wale just a local rapper from Washington D.C. during the Raptors-Wizards game in D.C., which lead Wale to confront the announcer on live TV.

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