[VIDEO] Brian McKnight Previews His New “Adult Mixtape” *WARNING* Very Adult Content

Shoutout to special Thoughts of a Jeanius correspondent Ivan, for bringing this to my attention. The artist with the most Grammy nominations without ever winning one, Brian McKnight is back! Well not really, but he decided to post a video previewing his new song from his “adult mixtape,” and let me tell you this is not the Brian McKnight that your mom used to throw her panties at on stage.

 In the preview McKnight sings such classic lyrics like: “Let me show you how your pu$$y works, did you know that it could squirt.” Now a lot of people say this may be a joke, but he seemed pretty proud of himself in the video. Check it out:

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This can’t be serious, can it? But for real this is a joke……. RIght? What’d you think? Was it a joke? Do you like it? Hit the comments and let me know! LOL

Mean Jean

Mean Jean

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Mean Jean

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3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Brian McKnight Previews His New “Adult Mixtape” *WARNING* Very Adult Content

  1. Wen I heard it da first time I wuz laughin so hard buh wen I heard what wuz gunna be on da track n da lyrics, I started 2 like it…

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