Jeanius Of The Week: Woman Gets Into A Car Accident While Shaving Her Pubic Hairs In Florida

We’re going back to my old home state for this week’s Jeanius of the Week. 37-year-old Megan Barnes of Indiana got into an accident while shaving her pubic hairs on the highway while driving with her ex-husband to see her boyfriend in Key West.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Teacher Shows Up For The First Day Of School Drunk & Pants-less

Teachers and students all over the country prepping for the first day of school over the next couple weeks. Well, I am not sure someone could have a worst first day than 49 year old, Lorie Ann Hill, who showed up for the first day of school, drunk and pants-less. She is our Jeanius of the Week

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Jeanius Of The Week: Man Arrested After Sending A Friend Request To A Woman The Day After He Robbed Her

Man oh man, with all the technology at our fingertips these days it seems as though people are getting dumber and dumber. Cue Riley Allen Mullins from Port Orchard, Washington who robbed a woman at a ferry terminal, what he did the next day though was what led to him being arrested.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Girl Calls In Bomb Threat To Her Graduation Because She Didn’t Tell Her Parents She Dropped Out

We’ve all been there at one point or another, our grades weren’t exactly where we wanted them to be and of course we didn’t tell our parents, well 22 year-old Danielle Shea took it to another level at what would have been her college graduation and that’s why she’s our Jeanius of the Week.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Girl Tweets Bomb Threat To American Airlines Gets Tweet Sent To The FBI

Well, now I can say that I’ve seen everything, an allegedly 14 year old girl is in a little bit of hot water after tweeting a bomb threat to American Airlines. What she wasn’t expecting though, was for the Airline to tweet her back and tell her that they were forwarding her info to the FBI.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Man Gets 2 DUI’s In One Night Trying To Get McDonald’s

Man oh man, I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in a very long time, at least sober that is, and it looks like Zachery Boynton of Oneonta, New York is the same way. Boynton got two DUI’s in one night, all while trying to get himself some Mickey D’s, and that is why he is our Jeanius of the Week.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Man Arrested After He Didn’t Know Cocaine Was Illegal In Florida

46 year old, Guy Lanchester, of Key West was arrested on two drug related charges, that happens everyday, but it’s what he told the officer who was arresting him that has earned him the title of Jeanius of the Week.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Girls Facebook Post Costs Dad $80,000

Man, oh man this week has seen a new record as we are now on our third Jeanius of the Week. These stories are too good to pass up though, so shall I proceed? YES INDEED! A Facebook post from Dana Snay has led to her father having to return an $80,000 settlement.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Woman Calls 911 For Sex Tells Officer “I Haven’t Been Penetrated In Years”

I know I just posted a Jeanius of the Week last night, but after seeing this story it was too good to pass up. A woman called 911 and made up a story to get the police to her house for sex. While reading this story I want you to try and guess what state she is from.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Elderly Man Attacks A Man For Too Many Items In Express Lane At Walmart

Our Jeanius of the Week is 76 year old William Golladay who landed himself in jail after an incident with another elderly man, 65 year old John L. Malherbe, at a Charlotte County, located in southwest Florida, Walmart.

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