Jeanius Of The Week: Florida Man Calls 911 For A Date, Gets Arrested

I really wish I knew why it is that people in Flori-duh do the dumbest things, because that’s exactly where we’re headed for this weeks Jeanius of the Week. This is where we find 45 year old Stephen Ramsey, who was arrested after calling 911 three times and asking the dispatcher on a date.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Florida Man Arrested For “Lewd Act” With Stuffed Animal In Walmart

I knew it wasn’t going to be long before we came back to Florida for a Jeanius of the Week, but that’s exactly where we’re headed. There we find 19 year old Sean Johnson, who was arrested for committing a lewd act with a Walmart stuffed animal.

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Jeanius(es) Of The Week: Couple Has Sex In The Back Seat Of A Police Car

I’m surprised that more Jeanius(es) of the Week don’t come from remote places like Wisconsin, but this story here is a doozy. Heather Basten and Travis Husnik were pulled over when police saw their car drifting into oncoming traffic. The rest as they say is history and that’s why they’re our Jeanius(es) of the Week!

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Jeanius Of The Week: Florida Woman Gets Third Breast To Become Less Attractive To Men

Well, if this isn’t one of the most Florida headlines I’ve read I don’t know what is. A 21 year-old Tampa woman didn’t want to date men anymore, so she decided to have plastic surgery to add a third breast in order to make herself less attractive to guys, and that’s why she is our Jeanius of the Week.

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Jeanius Of The Week: First Ever Mother Daughter Lesbian Couple Comes Out

This has to be filed as one of the weirdest stories I’ve heard in my life, and there’s a lot of weird stuff out there.Mary and Vertasha  Carter are mother and daughter, but they are also lesbian lovers, no you did not read that incorrectly. This is why they are our Jeanius(es) of the Week.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Man Gets Into A Fight, Arrested After Getting “Handsy” & Trying To Make A Pregnant Woman Drink Alcohol At His Wedding

Your wedding is probably not the best place to hit on women, and trying to make a pregnant woman drink alcohol probably isn’t the best idea either. That’s exactly what Pittsburgh’s Mark Williams did, and that’s why he’s our Jeanius of the Week.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Man Break Into House, Falls Alseep & Forgets Pants, Wallet

Taking a nap after breaking into someones house isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do, especially when the homeowner is at home sleeping. But, that’s exactly what 29 year old Jonathan Phan did, and that is why he is our Jeanius of the Week

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Jeanius Of The Week: Woman Gets Into A Car Accident While Shaving Her Pubic Hairs In Florida

We’re going back to my old home state for this week’s Jeanius of the Week. 37-year-old Megan Barnes of Indiana got into an accident while shaving her pubic hairs on the highway while driving with her ex-husband to see her boyfriend in Key West.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Teacher Shows Up For The First Day Of School Drunk & Pants-less

Teachers and students all over the country prepping for the first day of school over the next couple weeks. Well, I am not sure someone could have a worst first day than 49 year old, Lorie Ann Hill, who showed up for the first day of school, drunk and pants-less. She is our Jeanius of the Week

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Jeanius Of The Week: Man Arrested After Sending A Friend Request To A Woman The Day After He Robbed Her

Man oh man, with all the technology at our fingertips these days it seems as though people are getting dumber and dumber. Cue Riley Allen Mullins from Port Orchard, Washington who robbed a woman at a ferry terminal, what he did the next day though was what led to him being arrested.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Girl Calls In Bomb Threat To Her Graduation Because She Didn’t Tell Her Parents She Dropped Out

We’ve all been there at one point or another, our grades weren’t exactly where we wanted them to be and of course we didn’t tell our parents, well 22 year-old Danielle Shea took it to another level at what would have been her college graduation and that’s why she’s our Jeanius of the Week.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Girl Tweets Bomb Threat To American Airlines Gets Tweet Sent To The FBI

Well, now I can say that I’ve seen everything, an allegedly 14 year old girl is in a little bit of hot water after tweeting a bomb threat to American Airlines. What she wasn’t expecting though, was for the Airline to tweet her back and tell her that they were forwarding her info to the FBI.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Man Gets 2 DUI’s In One Night Trying To Get McDonald’s

Man oh man, I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in a very long time, at least sober that is, and it looks like Zachery Boynton of Oneonta, New York is the same way. Boynton got two DUI’s in one night, all while trying to get himself some Mickey D’s, and that is why he is our Jeanius of the Week.

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