[VIDEO] Ivan & Mean Jean Announce #ATSaturday

Ivan has something new for you all, and we’re here to make the announcement. Today will be the start of #ATSaturday, what is #ATSaturday? Watch the video to find out!

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[VIDEO] Recap Of The Annual Juice Tour 2013

So the first annual Juice High School Tour wrapped up last week, and to say that it was a success would be a HUGE understatement. The show stopped at five Central Florida high schools from the end of April into the beginning of May, and featured many artists such as Ivan, Chanelle Ray, Sean Ray, Famous Kid Brick, B. Smyth, and the creators of the “Cat Daddy,” The Rej3ctz.


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[PHOTOS] Ivan Performs At ‘The Juice Tour’ At Colonial High School

Last Wednesday Ivan took the stage at ‘The Juice Tour’s,’ third stop at Colonial High School. He performed his verse on Justin Timberlake & Jay Z‘s smash single “Suit & Tie,” (posted below) as well as “That’s Real,” from his Addicted to Success mixtape. Shoutout to Antoine Hart of Moments Chamber for the still shots of the performance. We should have some video for you later this week! Keep up with everything Ivan on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Also stream/download Addicted to Success.

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[VIDEO] Oak Ridge High School Students Cover Track From ‘ATS’

Last week Ivan hit the stage at ‘The Juice Tour,’ stop at Colonial High School, and hung out at the Oak Ridge stop. Two of the students from Oak Ridge did covers of tracks from Ivan’s Addicted to Success mixtape, “Hard to Say I’m Sorry,” and “Only One That Matters.” As always keep up with Ivan on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram.

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[PHOTOS] Ivan Performs At Orlando aLive At The Social

So Ivan finally hit the stage for a performance at Orlando aLive, and he had the crowd rockin, the people in attendance on Monday night loved his energy. They also said they look forward to seeing his growth as an artist and performer. The video of the show is currently being edited, but for now we’ve got some still shots taken by Antoine Hart of Moments Chamber. As always follow Ivan on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for all show and music updates. Don’t forget to stream/download Addicted to Success.

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Ivan To Perform At Orlando aLive At The Social Monday April 29th

This is the first of quite a few news items about Ivan that his fans should be expecting to be released within the coming weeks! He has a new project on the way, of which we will be releasing more details in the coming weeks, release from the project is his ATS remix of “Suit & Tie,” (below) has gotten some airplay on The Freakin’ Weekend Mix on Orlando’s 102 JAMZ!

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New Music: Ivan – “Suit & Tie”

As promised on mine & Ivan‘s social media sites all week, we’re releasing his verse on Justin Timberlake & Jay Z‘s smash hit “Suit & Tie.” After you’ve checked it out hit Ivan up on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram @IvanATSMusic & let him know what you think!

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A Taylored Review: Ivan’s “Addicted to Success” Mixtape

Since the release of Ivan’s Addicted to Success mixtape a couple of weeks ago, nothing has been viewed more on Thoughts of a Jeanius than that page containing the download link. That’s not to say that we’re gaining ESPN-type page views, but it has to be extremely encouraging for Ivan, Jean, and everyone that put work into this tape to see it have the success it has had already.

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New Mixtape: Download DJ Young Smitchell ‘Surge Vol. 1’

My homie DJ Young Smitchell, has taken a break from his On the Come Up mixtape series to bring you The Surge Vol. 1, and the title of this mixtape might have been named because he woke up on Saturday Morning decided to make a mixtape and went to work. The mixtape is a dope mix of old and new featuring some of your favorite artists; Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Drake, Aaliyah, and a special bonus track “That’s Real” by Ivan.

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[AUDIO] New Music: Ivan – “That’s Real” (W/ Download Links)

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As promised here is the second single to Ivan‘s Addicted to Success mixtape, “That’s Real.” The follow up single to “Everyday(I Pray),” which was released over the summer is very different than the first, ‘Everyday,’ was Ivan’s reintroduction to music as a solo artist. “That’s Real” produced by 4Style_Jordan is a banger about being young, having fun, and chasing dreams.


Tracklist & Cover Art For Ivan’s ‘Addicted To Success’

With everything falling into place, we promised on Twitter more info on Ivan‘s Addicted to Success mixtape. We already told you that the second single “That’s Real,” will be released this Wednesday exclusively on Thoughts of a Jeanius, well today we bring you the tracklist as well as cover (which can be seen to the left.)

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Ivan’s ‘Addicted To Success Mixtape Collaborations Announced

With Ivan‘s Addicted to Success mixtape almost at completion, and the final collaboration locked in there’s no time like the present to announce the other artists you will hear on the mixtape. A few months back we told you that Prote-J would be featured on ‘ATS,’ now find out who else will be a part of Ivan’s first solo mixtape.

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[AUDIO] New Music: Ivan – “Everyday (I Pray)” [W/ Download Links]

You’ve heard me talking/tweeting about this song for months now. The song was recorded back on April 1st and had to be kept under the wraps while the Addicted to Success mixtape came together. With the tape creeping towards completion, it’s time for the first single to be released. The song produced by Antoine Hart (of The Chamber Music Group) takes you through three phases of Ivan‘s music career; where he’s been (part of two groups: ISA & CnI), where he is (his rebirth as a solo artist), and where he’s headed (platinum albums and Grammy speeches).

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