Drake To Host The 2014 ESPN ESPY Awards

Drake has been catching some heat on social media over the past few days for being called an “athlete groupie.”

Of course we also can’t forget him not being granted access to the Heat locker room after they won their second consecutive NBA Championship last summer.

If that’s the case he is ecstatic right now as he will be in the company of A LOT of athletes this summer.

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The Logical Bias: Kelvin Mota Previews The 2014 MLB Season

MLB’s extended opening day is all over,and the newest member of the Thoughts of a Jeanius family Kelvin Mota, who has quite a bit of credibilitywhen it comes to baseball, not only did his father Andy Mota play in the league, his grandfather, Manny Mota,┬áspent over 30 years with the Dodgers as a player then a coach. He gave us a quick break down of the season. Who will be good, who will be bad, who’s going to the playoffs and who’s winning it all.

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Blake Bortles #1 In Todd McShay’s Latest Mock Draft

It seems like a given that former UCF quarterback, Blake Bortles, is on pace to become the highest drafted UCF player into the NFL in the schools history. A distinction currently held by another former UCF quarterback, Daunte Culpepper, who went 11th overall back in 1999. About an hour ago ESPN’s Todd McShay released his mock draft and Bortles is sitting on top.

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Anonymous NBA Scout Says He’d Take 39 Other Point Guards Over Rajon Rondo

While compiling info for his annual overrated/underrated list of NBA players, ESPN’s Chris Broussard spoke with an anonymous Eastern Conference scout who said something pretty outrageous. It is particularly outrageous because when healthy, Rajon Rondo is considered one of the top five point guards in the league.

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[VIDEO] Oklahoma State Guard Marcus Smart Pushes Fan During A Game

Oklahoma State guard and expected first-round NBA Draft pick, Marcus Smart, might have caused his draft stock to plummet tonight, when he shoved a fan during Oklahoma State’s 65-61 loss to Texas Tech.

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George, Lillard, Wall To Compete In The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

People have been begging for Lebron James to enter the Slam Dunk Contest during All Star Weekend, and while King James has yet to enter the contest three players who will be playing on All Star Sunday will be competing in the contest.

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George Zimmerman “I Want To Fight Kanye West For Beating Up Defenseless People”

Man oh man, if this whole George Zimmerman “celebrity boxing,” thing wasn’t already bizarre enough, with rapper The Game already saying that he wants to fight Zimmerman, and DMX saying that he wants to “piss on him.” Zimmerman has now named who he wants to see in the boxing ring, Kanye West.

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The Game To George Zimmerman “I’ll Beat The F*ck Out Of You”

We legitimately live in the craziest society here in the United States of America. Seven months after being acquitted for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, and a few months after being arrested for the alleged assault of his girlfriend George Zimmerman is considered “a celebrity.”

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Carmelo Anthony Breaks MSG Scoring Record, Chandler Parsons Sets Record For Most Three’s In A Half

Two NBA records went down tonight in the association. Fresh off being named an all star for the seventh time in his career Carmelo Anthony broke Kobe Bryant‘s record 61 points in Madison Square Garden (MSG) and set a new Knicks record, and Chandler Parsons set the record for most threes in a half for NBA basketball.

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[VIDEO] Richard Sherman’s WWE Style Post Game Interview With Erin Andrews

To say that Richard Sherman is outspoken would be a huge understatement; from going after Darrelle Revis saying that he was the best cornerback in the NFL, to attacking Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take, well he was back at it again after the Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Fransisco 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl.

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