Dana White Says The UFC To Sign Gina Carano Next Week

Before Ronda Rousey took over┬áthe MMA scene in the UFC, Gina Carano was the face of women’s MMA in the United States. The former Strikeforce champion was on a similar path as Rousey; undefeated with a budding movie career, until she lost to Christine “Cyborg” Justino back in 2009. Carano hasn’t had an MMA fight since then, but according to UFC President Dana White, that is going to change soon.

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Channing Frye Signs Four Year $32 Million Contract With The Orlando Magic

It looks like Rob Hennigan is assembling his veteran leadership for the Orlando Magic roster to help bring the young team along. First with the signing of Ben Gordon last week and now the team has come to terms with Forward/Center Channing Frye.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers Remove Dan Gilbert’s ‘Comic Sans’ Letter From Their Website

After Lebron JamesThe Decision four years ago we all remember the rant that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert went on. Not only was Gilbert criticized for the rant, but the comic sans font that it was written in. Well apparently the letter disappeared last night.

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[VIDEO] R. Kelly Gets On His Knees And Begs For Carmelo Anthony To Sign With The Bulls

It’s been less than a week since Carmelo Anthony opted out of his contract with the New York Knicks, and while teams can’t make their official pitches for his services until July 1, celebrity fans of those teams have a green light to pitch as they please. Cue R. Kelly, who was being interviewed after performing at WGCI Chicago’s Summer Jam concert and got down on his knees to to beg for Melo to sign with the Bulls.

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Kobe Bryant “They Would Be More Than Welcome To Wear The Golden Armour”

Were less than 12 hours from the NBA draft, and the landscape of the league possibly changing again. Between what is being heralded as the deepest draft since 2003 and Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James already opting out of their respective deals, with the possibly of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh doing the same next week there are a lot of moving pieces over the next few weeks. It looks like Kobe Bryant might have put his two cents in, as the Lakers are rumored to make a pitch for both James and Anthony.

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REPORT: T.I., Floyd Mayweather Get Into An Altercation In Las Vegas

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and you know there is always going to be some drama popping off somewhere. This weekend it looks like an incident between T.I. and Floyd “Money” Mayweather, over T.I.’s wife Tiny of all things happened out in Las Vegas, and chairs were thrown (allegedly)

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[VIDEO] Brandon Marshall Signs $40 Million Contract On ‘The View,’

UCF Alum, and current Chicago Bear, announced today that he has signed an extension with the team, and he did it somewhere I’m sure nobody expected an NFL contract to be signed…… on The View. He also decided to donate $1 million to help support mental health.

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The NBA Television Partners To Attempt To Get Flex Scheduling

Were you sick of watching the Knicks and Lakers this NBA season on ESPN, TNT and ABC? I’m sure you were considering the teams had a combined record of 64-100, and neither made the playoffs. It did seem as though one of those teams were on national television nearly every week. Well that COULD and SHOULD change real soon.

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Drake To Host The 2014 ESPN ESPY Awards

Drake has been catching some heat on social media over the past few days for being called an “athlete groupie.”

Of course we also can’t forget him not being granted access to the Heat locker room after they won their second consecutive NBA Championship last summer.

If that’s the case he is ecstatic right now as he will be in the company of A LOT of athletes this summer.

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