Cassadee Pope Is ‘The Voice’ But Was It Rigged? I Say More Like Skewed

So season 3 of The Voice has just ended and West Palm Beach, Florida’s Cassadee Pope from Team Blake, is the third winner if the competition, making him the first two time winning coach in the show’s short history. Now anyone who has followed this season closely will tell you they saw the end result coming since the beginning of the live shows.

Now I am not saying that the show was rigged, because I don’t think they’d go that far (although I wouldn’t be surprised), but the result of the show was certainly skewed. The previous two winners of the show; Javier Colon and Jermaine Paul, while talented failed to garner any mainstream success, something that no artist from any season of the show was able to do either. There was something said at the beginning if the live shows from Blake to Cassadee (can’t remember the exact quote, but it had to so with her star power) which automatically led me to believe that she would win the show, even though I didn’t think she was the most talented on the show.

I might be wrong, and may have to go back and look through the past episodes, but I feel as though all these new rules; iTunes votes being multiplied and carried over through the whole competition were done in order to ensure Cassadee won the show, to capitalize on that star power after they saw how well she had been doing on iTunes. That being said it made it extremely predictable that she would win, as they’d always announce that she hit #1 on the iTunes Pop charts. I’ve commented in the past that I wish they’d layout ALL of the rules at the beginning if the season as opposed to announcing them at the beginning of each round, as they currently do.

I can understand the reasoning behind it as the show is in it’s third season and has yet to create a star. With two of the coaches missing season 4 the show NEEDED to create a star or else it’d lose credibility with the audience, making Cassadee the safe pick as the winner of the show. I will say that where the show gets it wrong is the winners first single should be performed directly after they are announced and on iTunes seconds later, you’ve gotta strike while the iron is hot, and it’s certainly not any hotter than seconds after the winner is announced. Let’s see how Usher and Shakira do in season 4, certainly will be an interesting dynamic with them joining Blake and Adam.

So what do you think? An I crazy or does this sound about right? Hit the comments and let me know!

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6 thoughts on “Cassadee Pope Is ‘The Voice’ But Was It Rigged? I Say More Like Skewed

  1. yes it was def rigged, me and my girlfriend said the whole season that cassidy was set up to win EVEN BEFORE IT AIRED. My gerlfriend has twitter and follows juliette and raylynn from season 2 and before the voice even aired they were giving shout outs to cassidy. Everytime the shows ended ray lynn the most would go on twitter and say for all her followers to vote cassidy…now im not saying thats the only reason she won but it didnt hurt her if she has raylynn fans and juliet simms fans all voting for her as well as her own fans too. I especially thought it was odd the shout outs that were given BEFORE the voice even aired? kinda weird, and i knew it the whole season they were prepping her to win. especially when xtina began giving her shout outs…then you knew it was over……sorry for mispelled words did this quick in a hurry

  2. yeah, totally rigged… Cassadee was the lead singer for Hey Monday, it’s not like she was plucked from obscurity, she toured with Fall Out Boy, and Panic at the disco, and had been on MTV, any emo teen would know that… Pete pushed her and Hey Monday as much as he could! I’ve met her and she was a total snob at her concerts, this thing coming from actually meeting her and watching her from Hey Monday and with Pete was clearly rigged…

  3. I knew from the BLIND AUDITIONS that the voice was rigged to ensure a cassadee win. The producers did clever, subtle things, like play really emotional background music when cassadee started crying during the blinds, things that made people see her as more than she is. They made sure the judges didn’t comment on her pitchiness and that they all turn around for her during the blinds (i can think of no other reason why they would heap such excessive praise on her when she missed so many notes in Torn). I bet Blake and Xtina were paid to say the most over the top things about her “super stardom”. Ugh it pisses me off….the producers will totally get away with this because it’s hard to prove. I shouldn’t be surprised though…it’s TV after all. Nothing is real.

  4. I agree, I think Cassadee was setup to win. I honestly think Nicholas David or Trevin Hunt should have won it. Personally, I don’t even think Cassadee Pope should’ve been on the show, given her previous success with Hey Monday.

  5. I don’t know about the show being rigged, but I was disappointed that she won.
    I thought her voice was pretty ordinary, nothing you can’t hear when you turn on the radio. Trevan & Nicholas had unique voices that are a rarity and could have improved our choices in music.
    I personally blame Christina who made a comment after Trevan sang, something along the lines of even if he doesn’t win he’ll be picked up by a producer anyway.
    I felt that comment hurt his votes because the results after that ended up kicking him off. Who wants to vote for someone who will get a deal anyway? Or so that’s what they want us to think. Haven’t heard from him since.
    Given what the other comments said, it seems that Cass had connections who pushed the votes and she was a favorite from the beginning.
    If that turns out to be true, it’ll ruin this show for me. It’s already bad enough a not too special singer won against so much talent.

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