[REPORT] Def Jam Refuses to Post Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’ on iTunes

This past week saw the release of two songs featuring Rihanna and Chris Brown — “Turn the Music Up” and “Birthday Cake.” The two have gotten back together, at least in the studio, and their labels are reportedly not happy.

The reports going around the internet are citing Half Martian as their source for this information. I asked around and no one that I talked to has heard of this guy, so I’m uncertain as to whether or not this is true. However, it isn’t that hard to believe. I can understand Def Jam being upset with Rihanna and Breezy getting back together on a song and releasing it, after their wild split back in ’09.

While I understand where Def Jam is coming from, I don’t agree with them. I definitely think Def Jam would be the big loser in all of this. Rihanna has sold over 47 million digital singles since 2004, which is the highest in the US, so this would be Def Jam’s loss, not hers. Rihanna has that careless attitude, so the fact that she released this against her labels wishes is no surprise to me. Rihanna is definitely capable of finding another label, if need be.

With no single on iTunes, you know Amazon will be happy.

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