Jeanius Of The Week: Florida Man Arrested For “Lewd Act” With Stuffed Animal In Walmart

I knew it wasn’t going to be long before we came back to Florida for a Jeanius of the Week, but that’s exactly where we’re headed. There we find 19 year old Sean Johnson, who was arrested for committing a lewd act with a Walmart stuffed animal.

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Snoop Dogg Takes Shot At Iggy Azalea On Instagram, Iggy Fires Back

Iggy Azalea is on top of the world right now, number one singles, shes tied with John Legend for the most American Music Awards nominations, six. Well she was the butt of a joke by hip hop legend Snoop Dogg on Instagram, but instead of keeping quiet Iggy fired back at Snoop.

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Jeanius(es) Of The Week: Couple Has Sex In The Back Seat Of A Police Car

I’m surprised that more Jeanius(es) of the Week don’t come from remote places like Wisconsin, but this story here is a doozy. Heather Basten and Travis Husnik were pulled over when police saw their car drifting into oncoming traffic. The rest as they say is history and that’s why they’re our Jeanius(es) of the Week!

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Def Jam CEO Steve Bartels On Kanye West’s New Album “It Sounds Incredible”

Kanye West is working on the follow up to his highly controversial Yeezus album, which was given critical acclaim by industry insiders but not so well received by fans when it was released last June. The follow up to the album, which is described as a less abrasive version of Yeezus, is rumored to be released this year and Def Jam CEO says the album sounds “incredible.”

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Viral Video: Pee Wee Football Team Can’t Run Through Vinyl Banner

It’s usually not funny to laugh at kids, but this is great. The Wallkill Mighty Mites, from The New York Youth Football league had a little trouble running through the banner to celebrate a 24-0 win. What followed was a big heap of five and six years olds getting laughed at by their own cheerleaders.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Florida Woman Gets Third Breast To Become Less Attractive To Men

Well, if this isn’t one of the most Florida headlines I’ve read I don’t know what is. A 21 year-old Tampa woman didn’t want to date men anymore, so she decided to have plastic surgery to add a third breast in order to make herself less attractive to guys, and that’s why she is our Jeanius of the Week.

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Jeanius Of The Week: First Ever Mother Daughter Lesbian Couple Comes Out

This has to be filed as one of the weirdest stories I’ve heard in my life, and there’s a lot of weird stuff out there.Mary and Vertasha  Carter are mother and daughter, but they are also lesbian lovers, no you did not read that incorrectly. This is why they are our Jeanius(es) of the Week.

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Maybe Blake Bortles Should Really Not Play This Season

Maybe Jacksonville Jaguars backup quarterback Blake Bortles shouldn’t play this season after all.

As a Jaguars fan, I was more than ecstatic to learn the team drafted Bortles with the third overall pick over the summer. Bortles proved that he was the most NFL-ready quarterback to come out of the draft after opting to throw at the Combine and there was hope for Jaguars fans.

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Jeanius Of The Week: Man Gets Into A Fight, Arrested After Getting “Handsy” & Trying To Make A Pregnant Woman Drink Alcohol At His Wedding

Your wedding is probably not the best place to hit on women, and trying to make a pregnant woman drink alcohol probably isn’t the best idea either. That’s exactly what Pittsburgh’s Mark Williams did, and that’s why he’s our Jeanius of the Week.

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BREAKING: Wes Welker Suspended Four Games By The NFL For Amphetamines

Wes Welker has been the topic of debate in NFL circles for the past few weeks after suffering his fourth concussion in less than a year, with some calling for him to retire from the NFL. Well the NFL has given Mr. Welker a break for the first four games of the NFL season, but it has nothing to do with his concussions.

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Who is to Blame for UCF’s Loss Versus Penn State?

Following UCF’s 26-24 loss to Penn State on Saturday, many were left wondering where to point the blame. A team not used to losing seems to have more questions than answers, and luckily the Knights have just under two weeks to regroup and find those answers.

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