[PHOTO] Justin Bieber Instagram’s A Picture Of A Grey Goose Bottle On New Year’s Eve

Apparently performing on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve wasn’t the only thing Justin Bieber had on his mind last night, Bieber has been getting a lot of criticism for two pictures that were posted to Instagram last night.

The first was posted of him and YMCMB’s Lil Twist in what looked like a dressing room, with Twist pouring two cups of Grey Goose vodka (which were assumed to be for the two of them), the second was just a picture of a Grey Goose bottle to JB’s personal Instagram page. The picture has been deleted, but Ivan got us a screenshot.

Justin Bieber was recently photographed smoking marijuana, check out the picture here.

Lil Twist pours it up:

Lil Twist pours the Goose

Justin Bieber posts a Grey Goose bottle:

Bieber Instagram

Now while Bieber isn’t doing anything that a lot of 18 year old kids haven’t done, he clearly has to understand the position that he is in with his celebrity, and he just can’t do stuff like this. When Ivan sent me that picture of the bottle, which I’m sure got those 104,418 likes in a matter of seconds, I told him the picture wouldn’t last two days on his page. I was clearly right as the picture has already been deleted. I am sure his record label and management team had a lot to do with it being deleted, and will surely have to do some damage control once this hits the mainstream news cycle tomorrow. I’m sure there will be an endorsement deal in the works for him when he turns 21 in three years.

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